The Squeeze: Garett Bolles gets back to lacrosse roots
June 19, 2017 04:51 PM |
1. Bolles re-laxes

Garett Bolles has lacrosse roots in his past, and he got back to them Saturday when he attended a Denver Outlaws game. He joined the broadcast crew for a segment, and he discussed the championship mindset the Broncos and Outlaws share.
2. Happy Father's Day!

The Broncos' season doesn't start for another few months, but there was good reason to cheer on many of our players on Sunday. They celebrated Father's Day in a variety of different ways, but the common thread was the appreciation they showed for their fathers and the appreciation shown for them by their kids.

3. Summer camp

Minicamp is over and the Broncos are officially on summer break, which means it's time for camp! Shane Ray, Justin Simmons and Chris Harris Jr. all hosted their own football camps over the weekend in their hometowns.

4. Dare to Play

Former Broncos wide receiver Ed McCaffrey hosted his annual Dare to Play event Saturday, and there were plenty of current Broncos on hand to help out.

5. High school heroics

Before one can play in the NFL, he must prove himself at the high school level. One such opportunity came Saturday at the Broncos' 7-on-7 and linemen challenge. Bolles and Isaiah McKenzie were just a couple of the players who showed up to cheer on the teams.

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