That's What They Said: Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis
November 15, 2017 11:28 PM | Ben Swanson

Early on, Lewis noted Joseph's potential

"I think before I ever had an opportunity to work with him, observing him from a distance and just watching how he communicated with people, always watching how prepared his players looked and technique and so forth, we were very fortunate to be able to bring him on the staff here. He's really just a tremendous football coach, and knowledge of all parts and able to communicate with the players so, so well. just exceptional that way."

On what he learned about his first year as a head coach:

"I just think that the next day is going to be better. It's hard to see sometimes, but it's going to be better. And I think the more you do this job, the better you get at it and even though it might not bounce your way all the time, you're getting better."

Former Bengal Peko still impressing

"Domata has done a great job for them. I really think he's done a nice job being on his feet, staying strong in the middle and playing the blocks and the combinations each week, and has really done a good job. We know how hard he plays, and he's a great guy out there for you on Sunday. A warrior."

Lewis doesn't see dropoff in Broncos' defense

"I don't know if there's been a whole lot different. Even in the game on Sunday, New England made a couple plays, but they had a hard way most of the game. And Philly made a couple plays, and that's the difference: Right now, teams are getting some different types plays on them, but the consistent down-to-down, they're very ferocious. Their third-down things, the things they're doing are excellent."

Game-planning for Miller would gray Lewis' hair but...

"I don't have much hair left, but let's say we were here late last night and Monday night. He's a special player. He's done great things since he came into the league. We expected that from him when he came out of A&M and he hasn't disappointed."

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